Nightlyre's Realm:


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Just a quick update, wherein I added a cute (I think) little sketch in the Animal Sketches gallery. You might also note, I implemented a little add-on called Lightbox to make images in my galleries pop up on the same page, rather than taking you to a new page with the image each time. Hopefully that will make browsing the galleries a little easier and more enjoyable!


Another digital painting in the Furries/Anthros section, my first experiment using the painting program called ArtRage. So far, I like it quite a lot! There is also a new dragon sketch in the Dragon sketches gallery.


New artwork in the Furries/Anthros section, a digital painting inspired by Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.


I'm not sending a mailing list item for this one out, but just so people are aware, I've moved to a new webspace provider. I've tested out several pages and all of the things I can think of that could've gone wrong in the move, but if you see anything that seems wonky, please let me know!


Costume, woohoo! It's been a while! I've posted the page for my 2008 Halloween costume, a Grecian Sphinx, over in the Finished Costumes section.


There is a new digital painting in the Dragons gallery, in the Artwork section.