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Among the twisted branches of the dark forest is said to roam a vicious werewolf known as the Keeper of Nightmares. Explore this territory with caution, visitors, for within my realm, every evening is Halloween.

Halloween is unique among holidays, the time of year that's dark and spooky, yet lighthearted and fun. Cobwebs and bats abound, and people delight in getting scared.

Here, October never has to end. You can catch a glimpse of how I celebrate the holiday, through props and decorations, costumes (that's a separate page, but you can get back here any time by clicking the "Halloween" link in the navigation map), and special online treats, like the Adopt-A-Haunt program, a delightfully twisted cyberpet adoption agency in the spirit of Halloween (currently down for refurbishment, but it's on my list!).

I've been into Halloween since before I even knew what it was. I loved going trick-or-treating when I was younger, and I was crushed when I learned that people thought I was "too old" for it. But by that time, around 1993, I had begun crafting my own costumes, and looking for other ways to enjoy the season.

Since then, I've gotten much more interested in the horror genre, and the art of scaring people. I've been building costumes almost every year, participated in a couple of haunts, and thrown one (so far) Halloween party.

Enjoy - it's one howl of a good time!