Nightlyre's Realm: Halloween:

Adopt-A-Haunt Program

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"What did I say? The haunts were bound to get restless! Nowhere to go for the rest of the year... no AAH program to help them find homes... bah! But no one listens to me, nope... now we've got werewolves running amok!"


"Oh, just hush up, you big hairball! We've got visitors, and the last thing I need is for you to go running them off!

"Sorry folks... we're still not up and running here. I know it's been a while, but let me tell you, Nightlyre is up to her elbows in haunts just dying to be adopted! They've got to go somewhere when Halloween is over, right?"


"Oh yes, and fuzzy up there wants me to tell you that she's not up for adoption. She's got some fancy title like, 'Keeper of Nightmares' or something like that around here. Pfft. I prefer being caretaker of the AAH program myself.

"Stay tuned... Nightlyre assures me the AAH program has not been forgotten, and will be rising from its grave again soon!"