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Callisto: The Legend of the Demon Hound

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This story tells of how the demon-hound came to be, and why you must never venture into or near the forest alone, especially at night.

In a small village in New England, in the 1800's, lived a young woman named Lillian. After her chores for the day were completed, she would sometimes take long walks in the meadows near the wild forests, curious about the strange and sometimes eerie sounds that came from within.

One day, as she walked near the wilds, she heard a voice from behind the trees. Though she couldn't make out words, the voice was soft and enchanting, seeming to beckon her to it. Unable to resist the mesmerizing call, she stepped into the wild forest.

Instantly, a pair of strong feminine hands grasped her arm. Lillian fell unconscious as the words of a magical spell were whispered into her ear.

She felt as though she were floating in a sea of nothingness, unable to move, or even to breathe. She wanted to scream, but a wave of calmness slowly swept over her. She felt nothing, though her physical body was being put through the most cruel and ghastly of torments.

For her captors were a twisted scientist, and his sorceress wife. The scientist conducted painful, disfiguring experiments on Lillian's unconscious body. She was transformed from a human into a monstrous creature, with long dark fur, and gleaming fangs. She resembled a cross between a human, bear, and a large wolf, but was not wholly any known creature.

The sorceress drew her conscious spirit back into her malformed body. Lillian opened her bestial eyes for just a moment, then squeezed them shut as her body went into a series of convulsive seizures. Finally, her nose and mouth dribbling blood, she lay still, and her heartbeat slowed to a stop.

Disappointed, the scientist had the body haphazardly discarded in the forest. The sorceress, seeking to test a new, necromantic spell she had devised, performed several chants and rituals over the body that night, under the pale light of a full moon.

As the sorceress spoke the final words of her spell, the creature that had been Lillian suddenly scrambled to her feet, bolting into the night. Pleased that her spell had succeeded, the sorceress returned to their mansion and gave the beast no more thought.

Lillian was completely disoriented. She could see her brown and coal-black fur, her muzzle, her four paws with their long, curved claws. She ran on four feet. Her voice was a barely comprehensible snarl. She simply ran, trying to get away from her fear and blind confusion.

She fell as something large charged into her from the side. It was another half-creature, as she was, with a vicious red gleam in its hungry eyes. Its sharp teeth sunk into her muzzle, and she screamed in pain as part of her flesh was ripped away. In agony, she tried to fight back, but other creatures closed in on her from all sides. She found herself frozen in shock as the horrible, toothy creatures tore at her body from all sides.

Suddenly, a strange feeling crept over her, and she felt a wash of power unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Something primal invaded her mind, and she suddenly began to fight them. She stood and reared up onto her hind legs, ignoring the pain, and started to slash ferociously at the creatures surrounding her. Time and again, her claws met the hides of the other creatures, tearing through them easily. Three creatures lay dead and another two lay mortally wounded by the time the rest retreated.

She found that the pain had mostly disappeared, replaced by a dull aching feeling all over her body. She could easily see exposed bone and muscle all over her body, but she felt no real pain from it now. She didn't feel repulsed at all by the blood and carnage, and began to hungrily tear chunks of meat from the bodies of the creatures she'd killed.

From that moment, the human Lillian became no more than a tiny voice in the back of the creature's mind. Her thoughts burned with hunger and a fierce desire for revenge for what she had become. Unable to remember exactly who was responsible — she had seen them for only the briefest of moments — so she began to blame all humans, viciously attacking any that she saw. Though the gruesome wounds on her body never even began to heal, she lived on, suffering immortally because of the spell placed on her. She is said to roam the forest still, exacting her terrible revenge on any human she meets.