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Brown Dragon

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Brown dragonI'm still on my quest to create a really nice dragon costume, though this one's kind of hit a dead end.

My choice of materials turned out to be an issue with this dragon. I was attempting to use pieces of vinyl for the scales to get a somewhat more realistic look, but it's a lot tougher to work with than I thought it would be. I figured I could get away with hot-gluing most of it together, since the vinyl had a more porous fabric backing on it, but it just refuses to stick. It'll take some researching materials to find something that will work better.

On the same note, I am slowly making myself learn that plastic mesh, while still amazing and versatile stuff, just cannot accomplish some tasks. Again, more research into materials is needed here.

The idea here was to create a more 'compact' dragon costume than my previous attempts, originally to be worn for a Renaissance festival, but certainly usable for Halloween and other events. The wings are quite small, but don't get in the way nearly as much as big, impressive wings tend to. The tail I quite like, if I could just get the scales to stick onto it better! It has a lovely swing to it when I walk... you can see it best in the second picture on the left.

The face I'm mostly pleased with too, pretty good shape (aside from that odd 'almond-shaped' opening between the jaws in the profile view), nice, lightweight teeth, and those weird reptilian eyes. The jaws open nice and wide too.

I hadn't quite gotten far enough on this one to consider arms, though I imagine I could do something similar to Ataraxia's gloves, which turned out quite nicely. The feet, too. I never seem to quite give enough attention to the feet! The body was going to be covered in large, plated scales- vinyl, with plastic mesh beneath to support it where it needed a more rigid shape.

The mane is made from a thin feather boa, and might have to be traded out for something else- I do like the look of it, but it tends to shed little feathery bits quite a lot.

The wings turned out a bit heavy for the supporting wire inside of them, but it should be possible to reinforce them. Either that or scrap the small wings altogether and go with the lovely big wyvern-style wings again.

All in all, this one was a fun experiment, but I don't think it'll ever make it to the 'finished costumes' section.

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