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The Keeper of Facades is none other than the slinky trickster, coyote. Within her desert territory can be found many of the costumes I've created over the years, as well as information for other creators of disguise.

Finished Costumes

Among the costumes I've finished and worn are a few dragons, wolves and werewolves, a raven, Valgarv (a cosplay character) and a velociraptor. I also created an iksar (lizardman) costume for my husband.

In Progress

This section covers things I'm currently working on, and also incomplete costumes which might or might not ever get finished. Callisto, my four-legged, demon-dog creature, is featured here, along with a few random costumes and masks.

Tips and Tricks

This is the slowly growing section of tutorials I have written for fellow costumers, based on my own experiences. There are still only a couple of tutorials, but more are in the planning stages, and I will be updating these with additional pictures as I go.

Random Costumes

Spur of the moment costumes, for anime screenings, Renaissance Festivals, and Halloween.

Pictures from Cons/LRPs

Pictures, almost entirely of costumes, from the various gatherings I've been to so far.

An old costume...

Just something interesting that I dug up a while ago, a photo of me in one of my very first handmade costumes.

Ideas and Sketches

This leads to the 'Costumes and Props' sketchbook, with several ideas which may or may not progress into full costumes.


This link goes straight to the portion of my site FAQ about costumes.

Costume Links

Links related to costuming.