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ValgarvY'gotta love a guy with an evil laugh... ^_^

Oh, yeah. If you don't know what cosplay is, check the FAQ.

Having said that... This is Valgarv. He's from the show "Slayers Try". His race, the ancient dragons, was killed off by another species of dragons, and he ended up getting killed to be reborn as a part demon, part dragon. He can't completely change into dragon form anymore, but sometimes gets these huge feathered black wings, and front talons.

I improvised a bit on the costume, since I wanted to do the wings, and he tends to be shirtless when he's got wings. His shirt doesn't really cover everything that I'd prefer it would on me, anyway. I changed the design a little bit, leaving an open space on the back of the shirt for his wings. Again, considering the wings, I decided not to make his cape, either. (Looking back, what I should've done is made the cape, and just worn it when I didn't feel like wearing the wings... it would've covered the hole in the back of the shirt perfectly. D'oh! I'll have to remember that, though.) I didn't do the arm things (that would've made it impossible to spread my wings), but I should've made the arm bandage at least... I just ran out of time.

The "wig" (I started calling it a headdress instead, it reminded me more of that) was surprisingly simple. I made a little helmet out of plastic mesh — one piece went around my head like a headband, and one went from the front of that to the back. I made the horn out of a cone of plastic mesh, covered it with papier mache and painted it. Julie (the Filia with the bright yellow hair in a couple of those pictures), Sarah (she was dressing as Xelloss, but didn't come to Expo with us) and I had decided to do the hair for our Slayers costumes out of yarn; it's inexpensive, and easily captures those brightly colored anime hairstyles. On the top of the head, I first made a felt covering, then made felt cones to act as his spiky hair. (What I should've done is just made two flat felt spikes and sewn them together; it would've looked better than the rounded cones did. I might change that later on). I strung yarn from the middle of the head to the sides, so that when I put on his headband, it made it look like the hair went underneath it and then hung down on the sides. I strung yarn up and down the felt spikes (I had to stuff them so they'd hold their shape, too), then just made his bangs out of a couple pieces of felt with some plastic mesh inside so they'd hold their shape.

For the shirt, we found a pattern for Confederate soldier uniform costumes (they had that same sort of collar), and I just adapted one of those. I hadn't really done much sewing of anything not involving fur, so it was... interesting. The pants I just got at a Goodwill and adapted. (A good tip to remember, if some item of clothing you get is light colored and turns out to be see-through, don't try wearing something white underneath; I tried white biker shorts and white tights, but it was still too see-through. But when I tried wearing black tights underneath, it looked perfect!)

For the shoes, I sewed two long strips of dusty blue fabric and wrapped them around my feet and ankles. The shoes themselves were just a pair of navy blue slippers I found, and I sewed red bias tape around the rim of them to match Valgarv's.

The wings were made mainly of PVC pipe, and were quite comfortable, if a bit ungainly at times (Say, in a really crowded dealer's room...) I'll have information about the structure of them up on another page, so I won't get into that here... but I made the covers for the wings removable, so I could reuse the same structure for several different costumes. For Valgarv, I just made the coverings of some black fabric that wouldn't ravel, and cut feathery shapes from it. I used a patch of black fur to cover the middle part of the wings. You can see that in the last picture on the left.

This costume was comfortable, and quite a lot of fun, too! We had some get togethers with all of the Slayers characters we could find, and there were over a dozen of us when all was said and done. Five Filias, total... The Filia and Xelloss chorus line was quite amusing. And then there was the squaredancing. *runs in fear*

Okay, okay, the squaredancing was fun, too, even if I was half worried I was gonna whack someone over the head with my wings. Lots of Slayers fans were excited to see a Valgarv, and, as Julie-chan said, probably 40% of the 10,000 or so people at the conference took pictures of us.

Hiya to any of the other Slayers cosplayers who happen by! ^_^

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