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1999 Eclipse

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EclipseEclipse turned out to be my Halloween costume of the year. She's another white werewolf, mostly because I had lots of white fur left over from last year. I've been playing around with airbrushing fur, but I didn't quite get to that for this one.

Credit for her name goes to WilloWolf!

Ranking right at the top for the highlights of the year, Brokken and Smash stopped by on their way to Verdun! Read about our little impromtu wolf party below.

Other highlights included winning the costume contest at my college, and the fact that one lady refused to get in an elevator with me. Oh, and after the little Halloween party at the school, everybody left, leaving me and two other people with two *huge* bowls full of candy. So... I guess I didn't miss trick or treating *too* much this year... *evil grin*

On to Eclipse herself! This was my first year casting the entire face (not the whole head, just the face) out of latex... it's a lot more challenging than casting just the tongue or nose! And I can think of about a dozen things offhand that I did inefficiently, or could have done a lot better... but I think she turned out quite nice for my first try!

My biggest complaint is how she looks in profile... when I sculpted the original clay face, I didn't give enough room to allow for my mouth moving, so anytime I talked, you could see it through the fur on her neck. The second biggest complaint is that I didn't sculpt the mouth parts far enough back, so when I tried to work in a jaw-movement mechanism, the latex held the mouth closed. D'oh... so the mouth didn't move on this one. At least I'll know better next time!

On the plus side, she looks very good from the front! I think, anyway... The paint job looks good too, considering I've never painted a latex mask before, and used the wrong kind of paint (acrylic airbrush paints, rather than latex-based mask paints). Heck, I've barely used an airbrush before! There's still plenty to learn, though... I need to sculpt the details of the face a little deeper next time I do this.

As you'll see in the progress photos below, the latex skin of her face went over a support made out of cardboard. The teeth are ceramic, the tongue is cast latex. I cut off the elastic bands that you can see on some pictures; once the fake fur was attached, it held the mask on well enough. The elastic bands were more for support for a moving jaw, anyhow. She has an ankh necklace, along with a bunch of earrings in each ear, an eyebrow ring, and a nose ring (lots of compliments on the piercings, though one person complained about the lack of a tongue ring.)

The body was simple enough... make strategic fur patches to look like they're behind the clothes she's in. The effect was good enough that several people asked if I was wearing clothes over a full-body fursuit! There was a piece for my neck, one that went across my stomach, patches sewn behind the holes in the knees of a pair of old jeans, and a tail, also sewn directly to the jeans. The paws came directly from my other white werewolf costume.

Wolf Party!

Brokken, Nightlyre, and SmashA few nights before Halloween, I got a visit from a couple of guys. What are the chances we'd all turn out to be werewolves?

Okay, so those guys were Smash and Brokken, and they were on their way to Verdun Manor, so I guess the chances were pretty good. *grin* In the photo to the right, that'd be Brokken (Sawtooth) on the left, me in the middle, and Smash on the right. Smash was supplying the sound equipment for Fastclaw and Moonlight's wedding (By the way, if either of you happen to see this, sorry I wasn't able to make it. I wish you two the best!), and Brokken was there to keep him sane. It's a long drive just from Phoenix to Dallas, but California to Dallas? *falls over*

Anyhow, they made it over here on October 23rd, and we went to Denny's to grab a late dinner (or early breakfast, perhaps), and Dad offered to let them stay the night at our house. (My dad is cool, if I haven't mentioned it.)

The next morning, we all got up and got into our wolf suits, and did a bit of a photo shoot. Fun! It was actually the first time I got to see the full Verdun suits, and let me just say, they are really fantastic. Especially in full motion, prowling around, doing... er... cartwheels, attacking the poor cats, etc... Brokken's cartwheel nearly landed him in the pool... (Then they'd have to put up with that wet dog smell all the way to Dallas!) And Smash, how many times do I have to tell you, those bushes over there are my territory! *grin*

Sadly, it wasn't long before they had to hit the road. Hopefully we can hang out again sometime, though. It was lots of fun!

Wolf Party Photos: