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1998 White Werewolf

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White werewolfThe theory behind the mask on this one seemed good; if I just incorporate my own hair into the costume, it'll look good, and be a lot cooler. The problem is, it didn't look so great, and wasn't that much cooler. The mask on this one isn't designed very well, in general; the muzzle should've been pointed down a bit more, and the lower jaw is way too thin. The teeth aren't done right, either, so that ends up looking kinda funny... Structurally, though, this one is a lot better than the gray wolf mask, though I again chose not to secure the cardboard/masking tape 'skull' with anything more.

I could see in this one! I built the mask so that my eyes were her eyes. But it didn't look very good... small eyes work great in scary masks, but for ones like this, I'm going to go with fabricated eyes from now on. The eyes are the "windows to the soul", and when they don't look right, it brings the whole costume down.

The fursuit on this one is all white... oh. Let me mention that working with white fur is a royal pain in the tail. If you make any marks on the inside of it to tell you where to cut or sew or whatever, they'll show through. Also, even as long as this fur is (again, just the typical long-napped kind you can buy at fabric stores), it's see through. If you wear anything that isn't white underneath, it'll show straight through. I guess that isn't an issue if you have a bodysuit underneath (which I wasn't doing at the time), but make sure you aren't doing light colored padding on a dark bodysuit or something.

The paws on this one were very nice. I built them over a pair of gloves and slippers. Later on, I got smart and cut the gloves and the lining of the slippers out to make them... at least a little cooler. They're quite comfortable, and they look really good! The claws were acrylic, like I did on the gray wolf, and the pawpads were made of rubber latex. Making the pads of rubber latex, instead of vinyl or something, is a good idea; on the hands, they'll help you grip things, and on the feet, they'll keep you from sliding around on slippery surfaces.

This one had a costume of her own. I was trying to give her a Native American theme. A rather cheap but cool effect was her beaded breastplate. At the time, I didn't have a real one. So I used straws, and painted them to look somewhat like weathered bone. The rest was made with strips of leather and plastic pony beads. The rest of her outfit I decorated with beads and stuff, and wore a painted feather in my hair. The walking stick in some of the pictures was this great, sturdy stick that I found on a hike and brought home to decorate. You can see a better picture of it here.

I had a great Halloween this year, too! I went out to Austin to visit my friend Wolfie (aka Pacerfox). We took a trip up to Dallas and went to Verdun. Not in Verdun, mind you... We went on Sam Hain's Hayride (fun!!), saw the magic show (also fun!), and went through Cassandra's Labyrinth (er... fun... but... *faints*). We did end up going through Voodoo Bayou, the outdoor part of the main Verdun Manor (beautiful effects, very fiery!), but we didn't go in the Manor itself. Yup... I chickened out. Oh... I'll go through the Manor eventually... Brokken said he'd be my tourguide. (I feel sorry for him already.)

Speaking of which, we got to meet Brokken and Ysengrin up there, and hung out behind the scenes some, too. We got to see their masks and fursuits, just not in action, unfortunately. (Have I mentioned how absolutely gorgeous those Verdun suits are?)

We went back down to Austin and, the day before Halloween, won a costume contest where Wolfie works. On Halloween, we went down to 6th Street, which was closed to traffic for Halloween night. 6th Street has a bunch of clubs, but since neither of us are really into the club scene, we just walked up and down the street a few times. Lots of people got pictures of us, or even pictures with us. We saw some great costumes, too, such as the two separate halves of the Titanic. We rounded out the evening by going to a costume party, and just hung out a bit. It was a lot of fun, and I didn't even get too uncomfortable in costume for so long.

I think that's about it, but I did want to thank Wolfie, Brokken, and Ysengrin for making it a really terrific and really memorable year!

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