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Heartland Games 2005

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I joined several of my guildmates from Everquest at the Heartland Games, one of the Lorien Trust LRP gatherings, over in England. This was a big event too, I don't know the exact numbers in attendance but there were several hundred tents set up out there, at least. There were food, clothing, armor, and weapons vendors out there as well. The whole thing lasted 4 days, with a number of games and interesting role-play throughout.

The Everquest guild I was in, House Rea'Morda, was originally based on the LRP guild you see here. It is a mainly drow (dark elf) guild, members of the Tarantula faction. The first half of the pictures are Rea'Mordans, and the last half are a little more random, some of various characters, some just of the landscape and the big manor house on the property.

Charlee, Jziad, Dorlant, Zharradan and Zhas
Charlee, Jziad, Dorlant, Zharradan and Zhas again!
Charlie Mouse
Jziad, Dorlant and Keldor, among others.
Matron Rusalka Rea'Morda
Yaskel and Rusalka
Rusalka showing Yaskel who is boss :)
My character, Teurelle
The Tarantula's tent
Various characters
Very cool orc!
A bit of a tussle...
Various characters
Nice costume, and the LRP style arrows are just interesting too
I believe he said he was an earth elemental
The manor house on Locko Park
More of the manor house