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Further Confusion 2000

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Most of these are pictures of some of the very cool costumes, masks and prosthetics running around the con, or present at various panels throughout the day.

Bamboozle the Pandacoon
Hug-e-bear... right? Hmm...
A black panther (not the best picture)
Blue Fox
Brokken and Fastclaw, a couple of very cool weres!
The carrot-nappers!
Pacerfox with Chester
Uh... what's Croc doing on the floor?
These are at the Costume Performance panel, by the way...
Yippee tries to get Croc to donate his shirt to one of the naked furries...
Tired Yippee
Why does everyone keep ending up on the ground??
An absolutely gorgeous dragon mask/prosthetic...
Prosthetics demo
Prosthetics demo
Prosthetics demo
Dang, that thing is cool looking!
A neat horse...
Jay Pop, Yippee, and Croc
Jay Pop and a fox
Jay Pop and fox again
The 'kick me' sign...
A neat lion mask
Lycara and Lorena
That is one adorable wolfie!
Jay Pop and Pacer
Jay Pop and Pacer again
Pacerfo... er... Pacer 'yote!
Terra Luna
Terra Luna
Not the carrot again!
More carrot... heh... some carnivore, Wolfie!
White tiger
Various fursuits
More from the Costume Performance panel
Surprised Yippee
Yippee and Falstaff
Yippee, Jay Pop, and Pacer