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Bumper Cars

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Bumper Cars (3D Studio Max, WMV video)

The video of the bumper cars should start automatically in the media player above. The video is set up as a streaming WMV file, so you may be prompted to install a Windows Media Player plugin if you do not already have it on your machine.

The video contains no sound, so no worries about adjusting the volume.

This was an animation project done entirely in 3D Studio Max, when I was in college. It involved modeling and texture mapping the room, cars, and the background sky that is visible through the crisscrossed wooden panels of the walls. The walls were created with an alpha channel for transparency. The cars were animated driving around and bumping into eachother; the lights came on when they hit. Video Post was used to do the cuts and to add glow effects to a particle spray, to emulate sparks coming off of the ceiling.