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Nightlyre's Realm

Nightlyre's Realm (Website Design)

The look of the previous version of Nightlyre's Realm, along with a couple of experimental designs I was working on, which were slightly less drastic than the complete site redesign I ended up doing.

Wolves and Bunnies Tic-Tac-Toe

Wolves and Bunnies Tic-Tac-Toe (Flash)

This Flash game is a spin on tic-tac-toe. Will the rabbit get away, or will the wolf get a snack?

Fantasy Character Generator

Fantasy Character Generator (Shockwave)

A visual random character generator, created in Director. Able to generate several species, and thousands of unique-looking characters!

Halloween Greeting Card

Halloween Greeting Card (Flash)

A humorous Halloween greeting card, an animation done in Flash.

Portfolio Site

Portfolio Site (Website Design)

Before I decided to integrate my portfolio work with the rest of my website, this was the site design. (Website Design)

This is an HTML website highlighting the work of my mother, Southwestern ceramic artist, Shirley Phipps.

Psychedelic Kit-Kat

Psychedelic Kit-Kat (Windows Media Player Video)

A Kit-Kat clock starring in a very unusual and cutely disturbing video. Done in After Effects.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars (Windows Media Player Video)

An animation, created entirely in 3D Studio Max, featuring a pair of vintage bumper cars.