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Furry/Anthro Art Sketchbook

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Vulmane warrior

A sketch of a Vulmane warrior from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The finished, Photoshop-colored version of this drawing can be seen here.

Werewolf in the forest

A werewolf crouching in the forest, with a slight snarl on his lips. I quite like how this sketch turned out.

Vulmane shaman

A Vulmane shaman from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Unfortunately, their Vulmane ended up looking more like big humans with dog heads on top. :(

Goth rat

A little goth rat girl, singing into a microphone

Winged lion

A sleeping male lion with feathered wings


A crouching male werewolf

Crouched tiger

A partially detailed tiger crouches, preparing to pounce

Puma hunter

A tribal mountain lion, hunting with a spear

Egyptian vulture

A griffon-style furry version of an Egyptian vulture, one of the coolest looking birds (in my opinion)

Cat warrior

A female cat warrior


A female coyote, looking kind of shy




A werewolf sits watching something intently; I was trying to do the facial style a bit differently

Armored dragon

An armored dragon

Dancing rabbit

A female rabbit strikes a dance pose

Winged cat

A cat with lovely feathered wings


A bull, wearing an a shawl and a couple pieces of jewelry


A female ocelot


A tranquil scene with an anthropomorphic grasshopper


A few wolves


A pair of wolves

Scarred wolf

A slender werewolf with a scarred eye


A more 'horror movie' style werewolf

Lion with spear

A male lion warrior leaping with a spear

Dancing wolf

A dancing female wolf with bells around her ankles


A male rat with spots and a bit of an attitude

Rat and ferret

An armed rat and ferret

Lounging wolf

A wolf relaxes on an outcropping of rock

Standing wolf

A standing wolf looks over his shoulder

Laughing coyote

A laughing coyote


A wererat with some normal rats

Flying bat

A bat flying loops in front of the moon


A crouched female rat


A coyote posing

White tiger

A stripeless tigress

Swimming otter

A swimming otter


A coyote leaning on a cactus wood log


A bear

Hippie wolf

Hippie wolf

Wolf and cat

A wolf and a rather nervous cat come face to face

Bow hunter

A tribal wolf archer

Werewolf transforming

A werewolf in mid-transformation


Dolphins playing in the water - a finished version of this drawing can be seen here.

Wolf under cloak

A cloaked wolf

Campfire stories

A group of tribal furs listen while a raven tells a story

Glittering eyes

Werewolf with glittering eyes

Forest wolf

Wolf sitting in the forest