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Dragons Sketchbook

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Flying dragon on the attack

A flying dragon on the attack

Wyvern on a cliff

A wyvern perched on the edge of a cliff

Lounging dragon

A lounging dragon

Aquatic dragon

A turtle-like, aquatic dragon


Dragon face, neck, and the indication of wings

Crawling dragon

An angry looking dragon hissing as it crawls forward

Crouched dragon

A crouching, wingless dragon

Antlered dragon

A relaxing dragon; a bit different from my normal style, with antler-like horns

Dragon eyes

Nice face on this one, intense eyes, and a long forked tongue

Intense eyes

A standing dragon with a piercing gaze

Dragon with orb

A dragon holding an orb


The drawing isn't fantastic, but I like this pose

Perched dragon

Perched on a rock, with its wings spread

Flying dragons

Several flying dragons silhouetted by light through the clouds

Horned dragon

A dragon with an interesting pattern of horns

Roaring dragon

A dragon opens its jaws wide to roar as it walks forward

Sleeping dragon

This one is deep asleep

Breathing fire

Nicely detailed face on this dragon, which breathes fire in an interesting way

Stalking dragon

A stalking dragon

Three eyes

A dragon with a third eye in his forehead

Dragon rider

A woman in armor rides on the shoulders of a flying dragon

Breathing fire

A dragon, breathing fire

Flying dragon

A dragon hovering in mid-flight

Dragon and woman

A human woman leans against the shoulder of her dragon companion

Dragon and elf standoff

This was a scene in a story I was going to write a long time ago. A dragon faces off with an elven warrior, while three teenagers look startled.

Walking dragon

A walking dragon

Coiled dragon

A coiled dragon

Overactive Imagination

I called this "Overactive Imagination". Someday I'd like to do an updated version of it.