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Fantasy Creatures Sketchbook

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Dragon unicorn

A draconic unicorn

Deer centaur

A deer centaur... I'm not sure why he has no mouth, he wouldn't tell me.

...okay, that was bad.

Owl dog

An animal with an owl face, a canine body, and a catlike tail


A thunderbird, surrounded by jagged lightning

Dragon lamia

Something of a dragon lamia, an alluring human female torso atop a dragon body

Bejeweled manticore

My rendition of a manticore, adorned with several glittering pieces of jewelry

Unicorn and fairies

A unicorn surrounded by fairies

Insect demon

An insect-like demon


A female lion-taur, a druid character that I played in an RPG a while ago


A low-slung, spikey reptilian creature

Sabertooth tiger

A sabertooth tiger (not a fantasy creature of course, but certainly a fantasy-based representation of one)

Were griffon

A were-griffon of sorts

Demon horse

A horse-like animal with several eyes, catlike paws, and tusks

Seeing double

A sextrupedal creature with four eyes, a long tail, and sail-like projections from its back

Horned creature

A somewhat demonic-looking bipedal creature with several curving horns, hoofed back legs and a long mane and tail

Bipedal creatures

A male and a female member of a herd of bipedal, roving herbivores

Rodent-like predator

A blind, rodent-like, predatory animal

Six-legged creature

A six-legged, somewhat centaur-like creature

Dragon wolf

Another dragon-wolf, in a newer style

Dragon wolf

A half dragon, half wolf... an older drawing

Quetzalcoatl woman

A winged serpent woman