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Characters Sketchbook

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Desi, werewolf

Desi, a werewolf character from a story my husband and I are working on, off and on.

Desi, werewolf

Another couple sketches of Desi.


Neranya, Teurelle's daughter. She was a cleric in Everquest, but finally got to fulfill her ambition of becoming a druid in EQ2.

Teurelle, nightmare version

The "nightmare" version of Teurelle, a Tier'dal rogue and my main Everquest character.


A sketch of Teurelle, back when she had short hair.


Briarr, a female Vah Shir shamaness, also one of my Everquest characters.


Odelia, a female high elf cleric I briefly played in Everquest, before Neranya decided she preferred being a cleric.


A female dark elf, the spirit of Teurelle's mother.


A brooding male dark elf warrior sits atop a gargoyle in the Plane of Hate. More Everquest.


Steoff, a barbarian rogue from Everquest

Opolla, gnoll shamaness

A gnoll shamaness, inspired by the story of Opolla from Everquest

Gnoll warrior

A gnoll warrior from Blackburrow, in Everquest

Fox dancer

This was a Dungeons and Dragons character of mine... and I can't remember her name! She was only in a couple games, in any case.

Jocy and Unell

Jocy and Unell, two characters from a roleplay a while ago.