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Dragons Gallery

Dragons Gallery - Sketchbook

I love dragons, and they tend to be the subject of many drawings and pieces of art that I do.

Furry/Anthro Art Gallery

Furry/Anthro Art Gallery - Sketchbook

Furries are another major subject of the art that I create. I was drawing anthropomorphic animals since before I had ever even heard the term "furry", and am still fascinated by them today.

Animals Gallery

Animals Gallery - Sketchbook

Images and sketches inspired by animals, especially wolves.

Fantasy Creatures Gallery

Fantasy Creatures Gallery - Sketchbook

Sometimes creatures spring from my imagination, sometimes they are inspired by fantastic beasts of legend. Those creatures are found here.

Characters Gallery

Characters Gallery - Sketchbook

Images of characters from various stories, roleplay, and games. There is a lot of work done in Photoshop here, signature files for myself and friends to use on bulletin boards, and some art trades.

Miscellaneous Gallery

Miscellaneous Gallery - Sketchbook

A good deal of the images here were from when I was in college. This gallery contains many paintings and drawings which, while they don't fit into my other artwork categories, are nonetheless some of the best art I feel I have ever created.

Costumes and Props Sketchbook

Costumes and Props Sketchbook

This gallery contains only sketches, because any 'finished artwork' appears either in the Halloween section (props) or the Costumes section. These are ideas for projects, mainly costumes, that I may or may not ever actually create.