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Companions (2009)

I was looking for a program that imitated painting with physical media, and did not find that Painter was going to suit my needs. My husband ran across a program called ArtRage, which is simple, inexpensive, and covered nearly everything I would want. This was my first experiment in ArtRage.


Brothers (2009)

We just saw "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans". So I felt compelled to make this. It's the first digital painting I've done from start to finish on the computer, no pencil sketches or anything. It's quite dark - hopefully not too dark! I still have plenty to learn about lighting and such. But I like how this one turned out, anyway.

Keeper of Nightmares

Keeper of Nightmares (2007)

The Keeper of the Halloween section of this site is a ferocious werewolf. Here is the full version of her image. She was hand-drawn, scanned, and colored in Photoshop.

Vulmane Warrior

Vulmane Warrior (2006)

A digital image colored in Photoshop. The vulmane are a tribal, wolf-like race in the online game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and this image won me a spot in beta 3. I did take a few liberties, though. For example - much to my displeasure - the vulmane didn't end up having tails.

Desert Coyote

Desert Coyote (2001)

A self portrait as a coyote in the desert, done with ink and colored pencils.

Hang In There

Hang In There (2000)

A furry version of one of those 'Hang In There' posters, in which a young wolf decides that chasing cats is, perhaps, an activity better left to the dogs.

Pack Order

Pack Order (1999)

The alpha female of a werewolf pack pauses, having pinned an underling.


Dolphins (1999)

A pair of pretty, bluish anthromorphic bottlenose dolphins playing in the water.

After the Battle

After the Battle (1999)

an armored lioness glances back at her compatriot wearily, thankful to be alive, but finding it hard to smile in the midst of the carnage all around.


Black Panther (1999)

An anthropomorphic black panther lounging on a rock.

Nightlyre (wolf)

Nightlyre (1999)

A self portrait as a lobo.

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle (1999)

An anthromorphic harpy eagle, gathering branches for its nest. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Wolf with Skull

Wolf with Skull (1999)

A Native American style werewolf holding up a cow skull up to the sky. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer (1998)

A Native American style wolf, dancing beside a fire. This is still one of my favorite designs, with the interplay of light and dark. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Wolf Cowboy

Wolf Cowboy (1998)

A wolf in a leather jacket lights a cigarette as he peers out from beneath his hat. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Wallflower Rats

Wallflower Rats (1998)

I thought it'd be fun to draw a few of my rats as the Wallflowers they're named after. Here's Mike on lead guitar, Mario on the drums, and Greg on bass guitar. (Rest in peace, you three)

Ice Cave

Ice Cave (1998)

This was the first time I'd worked with watercolor pencils. This one was also done while a friend and I were waiting to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert.

Crouching Wolf

Crouching Wolf (1998)

A crouching anthro wolf, done in ink and colored with colored pencil.

White Wolf

White Wolf (1997 or earlier)

A photo retouch of a sleeping white wolf.

Brown Wolf

Brown Wolf (1997 or earlier)

A computerized photo retouch of a brown werewolf. Not perfect, but it does look pretty good.