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Sukozu (2008)

A storm dragon called Sukozu standing on a rocky outcropping beside the ocean. He is a character from a project my husband and I are working on. (Specifically, a webcomic called Planes of Eldlor. Take a look!)

Keeper of Visions

Keeper of Visions (2007)

The full version of the dragon peering out from the right hand side of this page. She was hand-drawn, scanned, and colored in Photoshop.

Climbing Dragon

Climbing Dragon (2007)

A graphite drawing of a climbing dragon.

Breathing fire

Breathing Fire (2004)

Classic fire-breathing dragon. I was experimenting some with colored pencil. Still not great with them, but I'm learning. Slowly.

Dragon Tear

Dragon Tear (2002)

A black and white tribal style dragon design, shaped like a teardrop.


Silverwings (2000)

A dragoness, with half unfurled wings. I like the detail in her wings and haunches.

Triadic dragons

Triadic Dragons (2000)

This one was a college project. It's fairly large (14" by 14"), and took forever. It's the same triangular image of a dragon, repeated eight times over the whole image. It's done in acrylic on illustration board, and hilighted with colored pencil. The main color scheme is triadic: green, orange, and violet.

Dragon design

Dragon Design (2000)

A black and white dragon, another college project. The instructor gave us a paper with several shapes on it, and we had to build some kind of image off of it, keeping the shapes in the same place.

Tribal Dragon

Tribal Dragon (1999)

This design used to be part of my Portfolio site. It was originally hand drawn, then scanned and traced using vector graphics in Illustrator.


Guardian (1999)

A very large dragon watches you warily, perhaps guarding secrets or treasure that lay beyond...

Dragon Hatchling

Dragon Hatchling (1999)

An ink and colored pencil picture of a dragon hatchling.

Painted flying dragon

Dragon (1999)

A painted, flying red dragon, done in acrylic. I like how his pose turned out.

Coiled dragon

Coiled Dragon (1998)

A dragon, arching its back as it gazes at the viewer. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Perched dragon

Perched Dragon (1998)

A dragon perched on a rock, looking down. This was an experiment with perspective; I like how it turned out. Drawn and shaded in graphite.

Butterfly dragonette

Butterfly Dragonette (1998)

A tiny butterfly dragonette perched on a branch, done in graphite. I think he's cute, and the wings are neat looking.

Kansas album

Kansas Album (1998)

I was trying to duplicate part of the really cool design on my parents' Kansas album. The original artwork was by Peter Lloyd.

Anthropomorphic dragon

Anthropomorphic Dragon (1998)

A half dragon suns himself, glancing back alertly.