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Shadow wolf

Shadow Wolf (2002)

A ferocious, shadowy canine, with swirling green eyes, part of a roleplay plot a while ago. This is a digital image created in Photoshop. The background is a screenshot from the game, Everquest.

Shishi Gami

Shishi Gami (2000)

This was a college project, to create two ink drawings with irregular borders, and shade them using various patterns to create different values. Many thanks to Joris for sending me the scans of the Shishi Gami from Mononoke Hime that made this project possible! Here is a link to the other image, or you can cycle between them using the left and right buttons on your keyboard once the image opens up: 2

Fighting unicorn

Fighting Unicorn (1998)

A unicorn rears and bares his teeth. The image is done in ink and colored pencil.

Anthropomorphic griffin

Anthropomorphic Griffin (1998)

An anthro style griffin, crosshatched in ink and colored with colored pencil.