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Goleun (2008)

Another TomGeeks art trade, this one for Maya Lindell. While I still definitely have room for improvement on the male form, I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. The character is a god from one of Maya's three comics, Kenyagi.


Orpheus (2008)

A TomGeeks art trade for catsandscales, of her alien character, Orpheus. Incidentally, catsandscales' artwork is breathtakingly gorgeous, should you wish to take a look.


Etzel (2008)

Another art trade on TomGeeks, this one for Omikuji. The character is a Ragian, a human-like species with some dragonish characteristics.


Pretty Princess Sparkle (2008)

A third art trade on TomGeeks - hey, these are definitely getting me doing more random bits of art again! This one is for Emily Brady, for a character from her comic, Footloose. The coloring style was an experiment, colored in Photoshop with nothing but paintbrushes, no fills or effects. It was fun, and turned out nice I think! Nothing ever seems to go right for antagonists...

Angela Rose Lee

Angela Rose Lee (2008)

A second art trade on TomGeeks, for AsraiLight. The character is a young human girl with a penchant for incendiaries, living in a rather post-apocolyptic version of the year 2045. I experimented a little here with cel shading. And, gah, freckles...


Shear "Winther" Catsa (2007)

This was an art trade of sorts done for GwSeraph on the TomGeeks forum. Shear's species is a cross between a catlike race and elves, with leopard-like fur patterning. The clothing is a slightly improvised version of how GwSeraph draws Shear. This was a lot of fun, and I hope to do more of these! And backgrounds are evil.


Djaran Vaquor (2005)

This one was another victim of the computer crash, which is a danged shame... I'm really pleased at how this sig turned out. I did at least have a larger version of this one that I had saved off as a color test. Djaran is an inquisitor (evil cleric) in Everquest II, who liked to ensure that the will of Innoruuk was upheld.
Finished Sig


Tigon Stormliger (2005)

A kerran necromancer, played by a guildmate in Everquest II. I am deeply upset that a computer crash caused me to lose the original Photoshop files for this one, especially the one for the tarot cards. You can see the World card fairly well in the sig, but can't really see the two tigers on the back of the cards. Bah :(

Eddie Leezard

Eddie Leezard (2005)

I am very lucky that my husband has a good sense of humor! This is his character, Ataraxia (the more reddish Everquest II version), dressed up like the fabulous comedian, Eddie Izzard. This one isn't a sig, it's just for fun.


Dorlant Rea'Morda (2005)

This shadowknight is the Everquest II character of the same player as Saranthalasa and Killianen, below. Vain and haughty, he is the son of the Matron of House Rea'Morda.
Finished Sig


Teurelle L'Talya (2005)

This is the updated version of the sig for my character, the Tier'dal rogue/brigand. Aside from some small details like the snake's scales, I am very happy with how this one turned out.


Vemitri N'Mar (2004)

It was because of Zharradan's player that I decided to try out playing an enchanter in Everquest. The class turned out to be a great deal of fun. Vemitri was as cold and vicious a Tier'dal as they come, adept at manipulating others to get what she desired. I'm pleased at how the details in this image came out.
Finished Sig


Jziad d'Thalack (2004)

Resident ranger of House Rea'Morda. We think he may actually be a warrior, but he won't admit to this. Just don't ask him to feign death.
Finished Sig


Yaskel Shiang (2004)

Necromancer, and Patron (depending on whether he's in the favor of the Matron) of the House Rea'Morda, the Everquest guild.
Finished Sig


Matron Rusalka Rea'Morda (2004)

Tier'dal priestess (cleric) and Ilharess of the House Rea'Morda. A lot of detailed work went into this one. She is the character of the leader of my guild in Everquest.
Finished Sig

Saranthalasa and Killianen

Saranthalasa, and Killianen Zith'Wiyu (2004)

Saranthalasa is a shadowknight and the Weaponmaster of the guild, House Rea'Morda. Killianen is a magician, and more a slave than anything. Both are Everquest characters of a friend.
Finished Sig


Ataraxia Spiritstorm (2004)

An Iksar shaman with an odd habit, which you can probably guess at from his sig file. This was one of my husband's Everquest characters.
Finished Sig


Zharradan L'Ogrim (2004)

Enchanter and son of the necro below (not the most successful relationship). Only player I know who can pull of such an incredibly creepy and yet mostly innocent character so well.
Finished Sig


PuppetM L'Ogrim (2004)

If you want to unnerve Teurelle, mention this psychotic dual-scythe-wielding necromancer, one of the Everquest characters of a friend of mine. This picture is half of the sig above.


Teurelle L'Talya (2004)

My main Everquest character. She's a Tier'dal rogue, with a rather... convoluted history.
Finished Sig


Neranya N'Turi (2004)

This is one of my Everquest characters, Neranya. The daughter of my main character, she is half dark elf and half high elf. Born with innate necromantic powers, she nonetheless decided to turn away from the gifts Innoruuk gave her from birth and become a cleric.
Finished Sig


Caalix Scaleblight (2003)

A human shadowknight character in Everquest, played by a friend. I like how this turned out, even though I was only barely learning how to draw armor at the time.

2 Kaelans

Kaelan, and Kaelan (2002)

Another from the Vampire RPG, this one is my character, Kaelan, and the wraith of his deceased brother, Kaelan. ...long story. (Short version: Kaelan's a Malkavian *grin*)


Ariel (2002)

A picture I did of a friend's character in a Vampire RPG, a Lasombra named Ariel. Obviously, she doesn't have the typical Lasombra reflection (or lack thereof); quirks of the character's past.

Main characters

Main Characters (2001)

Most of the main characters in a roleplaying game a friend of mine and I used to do. Kisa and Brendan are on the left, the dragon in the center is Jocy, and with the wings is Unell. The raven at the top is Ari, and the two on the right are Gareth and Val.

Kisa and Jocy, dragons

Kisa and Jocy, Dragons (2001)

Kisa and Jocy both were shapeshifters, both of which could change into dragons. Jocy also had a wolf form, hence the way she looks. Jocy was one of the first characters I ever fully developed.

Teenage Kisa

Teenage Kisa (2001)

A picture of Kisa when she was younger, at a rave.

Kisa and Brendan Furries

Kisa and Brendan Furries (2001)

Here are Brendan and Kisa as furries. Kisa's an ocelot, and Brendan's a raccoon. This was a fun little sub-plot; it was not normal for them to turn into furries.


Kisa and Brendan in Costume (2001)

Kisa and Brendan at Halloween, looking positively cute in their costumes. Drawn in pencil, colored in Photoshop.


Loki (2001)

A dragon-like creature named Loki. This was one of my first attempts at coloring in Photoshop, and came out pretty nice, I think.