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Keeper of Facades

Keeper of Facades (2007)

This one is a large version of the coyote from the Costumes section of my site. She was hand-drawn, scanned, and colored in Photoshop.

Keeper of Lore

Keeper of Lore (2007)

The large version of the black and yellow garden spider who is featured in the About section of this site. This image was created in Photoshop.

RatFancy Magazine

RatFancy Magazine (2000)

A college assignment in a Photoshop image manipulation class. I created a magazine cover similar to the popular Cat and Dog Fancy magazines, featuring domestic rats. Featured on the cover are Greg, in the foreground, and Mario, just visible in the background.


Hummingbird (2000)

This was a college assignment. The hummingbird is drawn three different ways, once realistic, once creative or abstract (the flower), and once stylized, like a pictogram. Here are links to the remaining two, or you can cycle through them using the left and right buttons on your keyboard once the image opens up: 2 - 3

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo (1999)

A tribal-style wolf tattoo design, done in ink. I enjoy this style.

Black Wolf (1998)

A black wolf with glowing eyes stands at the edge of a cliff, with the moon in the background. It was done with watercolor pencil.

Astral Wolf

Astral Wolf (1998)

A wolf face among celestial bodies, drawn and shaded in graphite.

Spirit of the Pack

Spirit of the Pack (1998)

Wolves, drawn and shaded in graphite. I like the layout, I ought to do an updated version of it sometime.


Leopard (1998)

A stalking leopard, stipple shaded in ink, and then colored in colored pencil.

Relaxed Tiger

Relaxed Tiger (1998)

A lounging tiger, drawn and shaded in graphite.

Pair of Wolves

Pair of Wolves (1997 or earlier)

A pair of wolves at night. This one is enhanced with glow-in-the-dark paint. Here's a picture of it under a blacklight, I managed to get a better picture than the one that was up here before.

Two Wolves

Two Wolves (1997 or earlier)

A painting of two wolves. I don't paint very much, but I was dabbling with acrylics a bit in high school.

Camouflaged Cheetah

Camouflaged Cheetah (1997 or earlier)

Another acrylic painting that I did in high school.