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Decorated Sticks

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I've always been fond of decorated walking sticks and Native American medicine sticks. These are a couple of my own that I found and decorated.

Both of the wood pieces used came from the small river running through the Tonto Natural Bridge, one of the most beautiful and not very well known places in Arizona. I believe both pieces come from the same kind of tree, though I'm not sure what sort of wood it is. The river had worn both pieces quite smooth.

The first two thumbnails show the walking stick. The walking stick is curvier than it really should be, but it still served well when I first found it. I brought it home, and set about decorating it with paint and some feathers and beads. I wound leather around it for a handle, and drilled a small hole through it to attach a leather strap to wrap around my wrist.

The last thumbnail is of the medicine stick. It is a fairly thin stick, but I liked the look of it. It is decorated with two leather-wrapped grips with fur at either end, beads, horse hair, paint, and a large feather (a turkey feather dyed to look like an eagle feather). This one is makes a nice wall decoration.