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Dragon Mobile

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The dragon mobile was made of dark red and brown posterboard. The head and wings were cut out in the appropriate shapes, and detail added with chalk pastels. The body was made by cutting out circles of red posterboard, and attaching them together with yarn. A circle was drawn with the arms coming out of it; when it was cut out, the arms were bent back to be held alongside the body. The legs were done the same way.

The way the dragon was built built, it had to be attached to the ceiling by almost every piece of the body. In this, I was less than efficient, as you can tell from the photos. I used a paperclip and string to attach it to the ceiling, which was done with staples. I don't recommend this.

A better way to do this would be to run a wire down the dragon's "spine" so that it would only need to be attached to the ceiling at a couple of points, and do so with hooks or screw-eyes.

The dragon looked quite stunning when hung up. I would still have it now, except that a ceiling leak destroyed it a few years ago. At some point I will create another one, probably using the new ideas I mentioned above.